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In Fact it’s about YouWe would like to take a moment of your time to introduce our company and our service expertise. Express Valet Parking Inc. is a pioneer in the parking industry with over twenty three (23) years of parking industry experience. We operate and manage over one hundred locations throughout southern California. With over 23 years of providing continuous valet parking service in Los Angeles, our motto is excellence in guest service. Our full servicevalet parking and shuttle services are ready to cater to all of your transportation needs. We take pride in making your first and last impression of your event.Our reputation speaks for itself and you will see that the Los Angeles Times rates us as a highly reputed parking company in southern California.

Valet Parking Company

A Valet Parking Company offers convenience and simplicity in a world that can sometimes be hectic and complex. The valet parking company provides an invaluable service to customers who, for one reason or another, are unable to park their own vehicles. The typical valet parking company will offer their services when parking space is sparse. That is, it is often provided by establishments where there is not enough parking area for the clients. The Valet Parking Company is also employed where VIP treatment is required. This can be offered for formal events and affairs that need to be presented as quality or high-class.

Valet parking is a straightforward process that offers great advantages to those in possession of a vehicle. In essence, the client drives to a pickup point, where customers hand over the car to a valet parking company attendant and are given a ticket. The ticket identifies the car as belonging to that particular person. The attendant will then take possession of the vehicle and drive it to a safe and secure car park that is under the operation of the Valet Parking Company. Once the valet parking company customer is ready to reclaim their vehicle, they make contact with another employee of the valet parking company, provide the ticket they received initially, and an attendant will retrieve the vehicle for them. In some instances, valet parking is a complimentary service that is provided to achieve a certain feel of quality and sophistication for the business. In other cases it is the only way of obtaining parking space for a vehicle. On occasions, having a valet parking company like Express Valet is the only way to ensure that your customers’ cars are parked safely and securely.


Los Angeles Parking Services

Los Angeles Parking Services are available for those who want to attend popular events, restaurants, venues, businesses, and studios. The rates for Los Angeles parking services can vary depending on the type of event, location, number of available parking spaces, and level of professionalism. A wide range of businesses, individuals and tourists seek out Los Angeles parking services every day, and Express Valet is proud to provide those services to our clients. Even those who simply want to go shopping at the mall can do so at ease by not having to drive around looking for a parking space. Since Los Angeles is such a vast, sprawling city, these types of parking services are very convenient. People can help their customers save time by using Los Angeles Parking Services from Express Valet. Also, those who aren’t familiar with the area don’t have to worry about parking in the wrong spots and getting tickets; which is why our valet parking services are ideal for companies whose clientele include Los Angeles tourists.

There are some important factors to consider before choosing the right Los Angeles Parking Services. For starters, it’s important to choose a company that has comprehensive insurance and liability policies, like Express Valet. The service providers themselves should be always be professional, courteous, well-trained, and highly-skilled with sufficient parking experience. The best Los Angeles parking services are the ones that offer quality parking solutions with the least amount of risk possible. They need to use excellent operational protocol when parking any type of vehicle. Those who cannot afford to pay for the high-profile valet services can still find some decent companies who charge a fair rate. Express Valet strikes a great balance, providing Los Angeles parking services for a great price with unbeatable quality service.

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